Adyen Enters the Card Issuing Market

Adyen Enters the Card Issuing Market


  • The Dutch payment platform Adyen has been boosting their set of offers through the addition of a card issuing solution.
  • Targets: companies interested in issuing debit and credit cards for their employees, clients and partners.
  • This service called Adyen Issuing lets Adyen’s corporate customers provide virtual and/or plastic payment cards to their end customers.
  • Goal: help them create richer customer experiences.
  • These cards may be used online, via apps, as well as in-store and they may be stored to mobile wallets.
  • Benefits:
    • Worldwide, unified platform,
    • Advanced APIs enabling customers to handle integration and customise card media to match their brand image,
    • Real time APIs providing customers with the ability to integrate them with automated flows and stay in control of cardholders’ experience,
    • Transparent integration with Adyen’s acquiring features, for the sake of cutting down delays in provisioning cards and enhancing transparency in managing cash flows.
  • Use cases:
    • Enable marketplaces to issue cards (via a white label offer), so cardholders may use them anywhere in the world,
    • Enable online travel agencies to rely on virtual cards for paying their partners (airlines and hotels).


  • Existing need. This Dutch FinTech investigates a new growth lever and hopes they can hit success as with their initial business. Through this launch, they meet a specific need and aim for a market crowded with opportunities.
  • Attracting companies. Adyen’s new solution builds on card issuing and acquiring activities, which might attract merchants and other corporate customers. This unicorn intends to streamline settlements while cutting down payment delays, hence improving cash flow.


  • In August 2019, Adyen reported an encouraging two figures growth, pulled forth by their focus on the e-commerce industry. Their net profit grew by 92%, and their global payment volume increased by 49%.
  • Adyen isn’t the only unicorn aiming for the card issuing market. In July 2018, the e-payment platform Stripe unveiled Stripe Issuing, API suite for creating and managing physical and virtual cards faster.
  • These unicorns are challenging the American FinTech Marqeta, and their platform enabling companies to design payment solutions from their structure.

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