Buy an Eco-Citizen Home, Get to Rent an Electric Vehicle

Buy an Eco-Citizen Home, Get to Rent an Electric Vehicle


  • Following a partnership with Klépierre, Renault teams up with real estate giant Kaufman & Broad. They just unveiled their first joint offer.
  • This offer consists in an eco-citizen package binding rental for a Renault ZOE electric vehicle when acquiring a house from the environmentally responsible “Feel Wood” real estate programme (78).
  • The “Feel Wood” real estate project:
    • 12 individual houses.
    • A building with 20 apartments.
    • Homes able to generate power using photovoltaic panels.
  • These houses come with car parking spaces and a garage equipped with a charging station for electric vehicles.
  • Interested home buyers will have access to an exclusive long-term rental offer for a Renault ZOE life car:
    • Term: 37 months,
    • €90/month (instead of €149 from car dealers) incl. rent for a battery which enjoys lifetime warranty,
    • First rent: €1,000 after deduction of €6,000 environmental bonus, and up to €5,000 subvention from Kaufman & Broad.

Kaufman & Broad: Key Figures

  • Group founded in 1968
  • 9,000 houses booked in 2018
  • Nearly 350,000 m² of offices, hotels, professional and retail property in development or for sale
  • 200,000 m² of large-scale urban projects in France
  • 900 employees


  • Getting involved in the first environmentally conscious everyday life-centred offer binding lodging + mobility. Renault and Kaufman & Broad stand out as they introduce the first ever offer in France combining housing, renewable energies and electric mobility.
  • Contributing to building sustainable cities: Renault and Kaufman & Broad insist on their offers’ ambition: reducing their customers’ carbon footprint, and committing to boost the concept of sustainable city.
  • Increasing the popularity of electric mobility. Kaufman agrees to provide financial support for part of the car rental fee. This would contribute to improving customers’ access to electric mobility, while showcasing the car maker’s services.


  • This joint offer is but a first step, in line with a larger-scale partnership between these groups. An announcement was made in addition to the recent VivaTech event. Their partnership is expected to lead to other projects focusing on shared mobility, and on a model of energy exchange between buildings that generate power and second-hand vehicles or batteries.
  • Besides their work with Outre Kaufman & Broad, Renau

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