Daimler’s E-payment Activities Expanded

Daimler’s E-payment Activities Expanded


  • At the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Daimler Financial Services announced they are integrating the digital payment solution Mercedes Pay with Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
  • Goal: Feature simpler, faster and more secure customer processes for their mobility-related services.
  • This service enables Mercedes-Benz car owners to pay for fuel, car parking, or other Mercedes services via the MBUX multimedia system.
  • How it works? Car drivers connect via their Mercedes me user account and only provide their payment information once, for access to the entire range of services.
  • The car maker insists on to use cases:
    • Car parking: Mercedes Pay lets the users pay for on-street parking and parking garages throughout Germany by means of an RFID chip. At the end of the parking duration, the total fee and payment information are displayed on the MBUX screen. The corresponding amount is debited from the car driver’s card.
    • Gas stations: Daimler’s Bertha app lets the users compare gas prices and pay for gas at more than 400 gas stations in Germany. Mercedes intends to integrate this feature with Mercedes-Benz vehicles so as to handle the entire payment process via the vehicle’s on-board system.
  • The in-car payment service is already available in more than 30 countries.


  • Strengthening their position. Mercedes Pay is key to Daimler’s digitalisation strategy. This wallet enables them to secure their position on e-payment and mobility industries.
  • Securing customer loyalty. With their in-car payment service, Daimler is provided with a tool for securing customer loyalty. They bet on a long-term approach to CRM with ever more attractive mobility-focused solutions.


  • In 2017, the German group bought out the mobile payment platform PayCash turning it into an e-payment system for their various services.
  • More in-car payment services are seeing the day. Two months ago, FCA group unveiled an e-commerce platform enabling customers to pay for goods and services from their car’s connected dashboard.

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