Financing Options to Boost Sales of Electric Two-Wheelers

Financing Options to Boost Sales of Electric Two-Wheelers


  • A commercial partnership has been announced between Viaxel, brand from Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, and Askoll France (French unit of the Italian manufacturer of electric two-wheelers) on addressing the French market for sustainable mobility.
  • Viaxel will be providing Askoll with their expertise in financing solutions, helping them explore the French market.
  • Askoll aims for individual and corporate customers alike, with a broad range of electric bikes and motor scooters.
  • Through this partnership, Askoll France and their dealers will be able to feature Viaxel financing products meeting their customers’ and prospective customers’ needs.
  • Various financing offers are available, from typical credit options to lease-purchase contracts and leasing agreements.


  • Askoll
    • 11 subsidiaries
    • 7 countries addressed (Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Brazil, Mexico, China, and France)
    • 800 patents
    • 250 sellers in Europe
    • 2,000 employees
  • Viaxel
    • 25.5% market share in lease-purchase industry in 2017
    • 200 employees


  • Selling vehicles in France. Askoll first established a partnership with Viaxel to boost their sales in France.
  • Financing electric vehicles. Viaxel, for their part, sees this agreement as a means to enter the promising market for financing alternative electric vehicles. Askoll designs, manufactures and sells electric bikes and motor scooters, as well as packages and components for electric batteries and engines.
  • As electric mobility keeps gaining ground in France and globally their offers are expected to enjoy even more business opportunities.


  • On the market for two-wheelers, Viaxel already teamed up with Piaggio on designing financing offers for this Italian brand.

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