LCL Builds New Assistance Service for Tenants

LCL Builds New Assistance Service for Tenants


  • LCL unveils Entre2Loc, a personal loan packaged as a next-generation affinity-based assistance service for young tenants.
  • Entre2Loc is an interest-free amortising loan, with no filling charges applied.
  • Targets: active young people ages 18 to 35, existing or prospective banking customers. They may apply to this offer when first renting a flat or when moving to a new one.
  • Entre2Loc may cover the first monthly rent and security deposit, or two overlapping monthly rents when changing flat, for instance.
  • Entre2Loc is available from LCL branches and via


  • Offer launched October 4
  • Loan amount: from €1,000 to €5,000
  • Term: 3 to 18 months


  • Expanding their set of offers for active young customers, promoting the image of an urban bank. As part of Crédit Agricole group, LCL stands out as an affinity-based unit for urban customers. They bet on Entre2Loc to meet prospective endeavours, since this lending offer can only be subscribed by customers with an LCL checking account.
  • Low cost or for free: similar strategies. Their main goal is to win market shares over challenger banks and credit industry players whose –often paperless– offers aim for the same prospective customers (i.e.: active young urban people). This choice entails leaving profit expectations aside for a short while and favouring customer acquisition.


  • LCL intends to win back young active customers, and introduced LCL Essentiel –yet another dedicated offer– in May.
  • Even so, online banks are now more likely to fully focus on customer acquisition, as highlighted by Boursorama, Fortuneo (with their recent launch of FOSFO) or ING.

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